Evaluation and Feedback (Small Grants Fund 2023)

Thank you for being part of Seachdain na Gàidhlig 2023 as one of our funded organisations. With support from Bòrd na Gàidhlig, we were able to fund over 50 organisations and groups as part of the first ever Small Grants Fund. We hope you had a positive experience organising and running your project / event and thank you for your time and efforts in doing so.

As part of our own reporting and evaluation process to Bòrd na Gàidhlig, and to accurately demonstrate the impact of your work within the wider initiative, please take some time to complete the fields below. This information is hugely important in securing future funding and ensuring opportunities are available for organisations in the years to come.

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Feuch gun toir sibh beachd dhuinn air an àireamh de dhaoine a lìbhrig no a ghabh pàirt nur pròiseict

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What will the impact / legacy of your project be for those who participated and / or local community? Please include feedback from participants including any quotes on their experience.
"Tha am [pròiseact/tachartas] seo air mo bhrosnachadh gus Gàidhlig a chleachdadh nas trice."
“This [project/event] has encouraged me to use Gaelic more often.”
“Tha am [pròiseact/tachartas] seo air mo sgilean Gàidhlig a thoirt air adhart.”
“This [project/event] has enhanced my Gaelic skills.”
“Tha am [pròiseact/tachartas] seo air cur ri mo bheachd air cho cudromach ’s a tha a’ Ghàidhlig do dh’Alba.”
“This [project/event] has made me believe more strongly that Gaelic is important to Scotland.”
Cuiribh thugainn am buidsead deireannach bhon phròiseact / tachartas agaibh. Ma tha barrachd air 10% de dhiofar anns na cosgaisean agaibh, mìnich seo dhuinn. Ma dh’fheumas sibh am buidsead a chur sibh thugainn fhaicinn, cuiribh fios gu admin@seachdainnagaidhlig.scot. Tha teamplaid bàn an seo airson buidsead: https://bit.ly/3Y1BRKs // Please upload the final budget from your project / event. If costs were significantly different from your projected budget, please include a note on the reason for this. If required, please email admin@seachdainnagaidhlig.scot and we can send your original budget over. You can download our blank budget template here: https://bit.ly/3Y1BRKs
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    Feuch gun cuir sibh dealbhan no bhideothan sam bith bhon tachartas an seo. Dh’fhaodadh sibh cuideachd an cuir ann am post-d gu admin@seachdainnagaidhlig.scot (mholadh sinn WeTransfer airson faidhlichean nas motha). // Please upload any photos / videos taken during your project / event. You can also email them to admin@seachdainnagaidhlig.scot (we recommend using WeTransfer for larger files).
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